We're all about Christmas

Christmas Pine Tree


We have been proudly selling fine Christmas trees for years

and this year we expect to be busier than ever,

you can have your tree delivered

in Aigburth with free delivery. Christmas 2020 feels different this year so we have stepped up our delivery service to cope with extra deliveries. 


Christmas Lights

We are ready to help you with your Christmas, 

whether it's the right colour scheme or the right variety of tree

our staff are here to help you make the right choice.

Setting the scene

Choosing and looking after your Christmas tree

  1. Choose a Christmas tree with lush green pine needles.

  2. If a tree sheds LOTS of needles at a shake avoid it, it will only drop more in your house.

  3. When you get your tree home find a place away from radiators and room heaters. Christmas trees are like cut flowers and are perishable.

  4. If possible stand your tree in a water holding stand, however, most trees will be ok without.

  5. Best performing trees for needle retention are Nordmann fir & Fraser fir.

  6. Never cut a long branch back with scissors or sheers or you will be out looking for a replacement tree the next day, it looks awful

  7. Now you can decorate and enjoy your fabulous fresh Christmas tree. Message us if you have a question.

  8. Don't forget to ask about our festive arrangements as a gift or centre piece.

Real Christmas Trees